Jun 21, 2006

Swedish Mission Hospital Campus ...02

The Chapel at the center of the hospital. 

Chettiar ward...gifted by Su.Mu.Su.Pla.Palaniappa chettiar of Konapet (1927) 

Ward E once used for Europeans , the royal family of Sivagangai and VIPs.....has almost collapsed and is beyond repair...

The once famous Nursing College...now closed forever... 

women's hostel...

Doctor's residence that has fallen sick... 

Staff residence ..a ghost house now 

another staff residence in almost collapsed state... 

Blind School...

Old Arogyanathar Church (1909)
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  1. that is sad...

    why did some private org. not take over?

  2. *tilo...u know the saying "vakkyapoora kaatha naie" (dog that gaurds the haystack)...neither will it eat the hay nor will it allow anyone to eat it...This is a similar situation...It was really sad to walk around this campus...such beautiful infrastructure and ambience really wasted...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and do come again. so sad to see whats happened to the campus and the chapel.thanks for sharing.

  4. hey pics are awesome yaar, where is this? Kerala? And btw, I found how u christened ur blog interesting and funny...:-)

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    *starry nights...tanx and welcome here

    *archana...this is at Tirupattur abt 50kms from Madurai (at the heart of Tamil nadu)

  6. we do waste a lot of our wealth like this

  7. Ashok you have really made a travelblog...naanga free ah oor suthi paarkarom unga dhayavula... :-)

  8. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I was working in the Swedish Mission Hospital on two occassions. My wife and my two children were born in that hospital.

  9. I ran across this blog while searching for some history of the Swedish Mission Hospital in Tirupattur. My two siblings and I were born there in 1957, 1959, and 1962. My wife has strong Swedish ancestry, so we are trying to track down whatever information we can about the hospital. Dr. Erikson was a principal figure at the hospital at the time of my birth in 1962. If any of you have any other links to information about this hospital, I would be interested in seeing them. Thank you!

  10. Thanks very much for this post!I ran a search on SMH and didn't expect to find anything but was amazed to see the pictures.I was born there in 1970 and have always wondered what it was like. Hopefully one day I shall be able to contribute to its resurrection in a meaningful way.
    Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I was there from 1966-71 as a nursing student & a Nurse.
    Sr Bahirathi the best and had the best time in my life.
    Thanks for making me a good Nurse.
    miss it!

  12. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Thanks a tonne for the blog.I am a grad. of Mdu.Med. '72-78.When I was studying in the 10th
    std.in 1970,Rev.Sr.Marie Ernest of St.Mary's,Devakottai had sent me to this wonderful,sprawling hospital,akin to SSSSH at Puttaparthi.I hope and Pray it should regain its
    old splendour as a temple/church of Healing.
    Thank you for thisblog.Lets get it redeemed by holy hands and hearts.

  13. Anonymous7:18 PM

    hai friends i am one of the student of SMH. I studied there at 1992-1997 GNM COURSE. MY NAME IS SHANMUGA PRIYA. NOW I AM LIVING IN ARNI - T V MALAI DISTRICT. ANY ONE OF MY CLASSMATES SEE THIS IS PLEASE CONTACT ME- jpriyacnp@gmail.com

  14. Anonymous1:35 PM

    First of all Thx a ton to Ashok for such a 1derful blog. I have been keep searching for SMH in Wikipedia, unfortunately without success. My father was working there for a Non-formal Education called VSP.(Village School Project) run by Swedish Missionaries. We were there from 1980 to 1987. My youngest sibling was born in this Hospital on 1982. it was like a Paradise. Because of the architecture (All buildings are European style, especially the Bungalows & the Nursing Hostels [it was just like mini Europe])and the landscaping. Full of Green (Mango Trees, Tamarind Trees, still i remember there is huge Banyan Tree just behing the Chappel (ref: 1st Photo) & Arasa maram, Coconut groove. That time it was under Ramnad Dist & later under PMDT. My siblings & myself were studying in TELC Primary School, now this is my privlage to remember uncle Mr. Baskaran, Head Master (is no more now) it is in the main entrance (Post Office also there), I cant just forget Muthalibu Grocery, Nakkeir Tea shop,Kurunji Medicals, SMK & SNK Cycle shops, & & &. The memories are still young with my heart. I could remember & recollect all my child hood days there with my siblings & my friends. There is a Historical memorial place also there. That time itself they introduced the STP system (Sewage Treatment Plant) There was a silkworm farming also introduced. I still remember the huge water tank. Now because of nothing it is collapsed. I'm saying this with lots of pain. It was a wonderful asset and more helpful for the people in & around Tirupattur. It was giving a very advance medical treatment for the poor and needy. Even they conducted free eye camps & conducted many free eye operations for the aged people all over the district. If anyone have some more information or any of my friends read this please contact me. Thx & Regards, Amal Raj, Dubai,UAE. amalraj_ag@rediffmail.com

  15. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Hi there, I used to stay in the house with many pillars. Equally haunting even at the time. Still remember the round garden in front of it..beautifully maintained. and the huge alla maram by the gate. The cricet ground just outside the gate, the volleyball court. The Easter plays infront of the VIP wards. Remember playing hide and seek with the other children..only thing was the hiding area was anywee in the hospital and Sunday school outside the church sitting on the sand. Going to school ferried in the rickshaw. remember goin to the campaigns to the nearby villages educating n teaching healthy lifestyles with my dad. I remember the tuberculosis and leprasy wards, the Sri Lankan refugees. Well memories. Sad to say bad politics...
    My name is Louis Nethaniel G.Johnson.

  16. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Nice & too good to come across this blog.
    Myself & my brother is born here in 1977.
    Recently been there for the first time but missed a chance to see the old building structures.
    So happy to have a glimpse of the same through your blog.
    Now the hospital is completely reconstructed with videocon industries company sponsor and 2 doctors started with few eye surgeries but sad to say that the staff & patient quartresses have been given to the old staffs in lieu of their pending settlements.
    Only the structure of the main building is retained for remembrance.

  17. Thanks for sharing the picture of this well know SMH in Thiruppattur. I was born there in 1975. I was searching this hospital to see how it is now. It's very sad to know it has became the ghost house.

  18. Thanks Ashok for sharing the pictures. I was born here in 1975. I was searching this hospital to see how it's going nowadays. I am very sad to know it has become the ghost house now.

  19. Anonymous11:05 AM

    I am the student of SMH(1994-1997)i know shanmugapriya acca.You can find Your friends graettha acca and juliet acca in face book.

  20. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Thanks Ashok I was born here in 1973 now settled in Bangalore my grand parents lived here for 63yrs feel sorry to see the hospital

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