Jun 4, 2006

Tamil Pride restored?

Kannagi , a dumb lady who puts up with the loose morals of her husband Kovalan for more than a decade and finally goes to take revenge on the King of Madurai known for his high ethics in support of her husband and ultimately burns down Madurai for no sane reason… Damn, I hate that silly character created by Ilango in his epic novel -Silapadhikaram (A.D 2).
I fail to understand why someone as dumb as that is seen as symbolizing Tamil womanhood and Tamils' zest for justice...

In 1968 , MK as Public Works Minister in the first DMK Ministry installs Kannagi’s statue at the Marina on the occasion of the second world Tamil conference in Madras.
In 2001 , JJ as chief minister, removes the statue for reasons of "vaasthu", on the advice of astrologers who said that the statue would jeopardize her attempts to regain power.
Now in 2006 MK is back in power and reinstalls the statue at its original place in a gala function of much fanfare and publicity. Now he says that “the pride and self-respect of Tamils had been redeemed”.

Really? I feel my Tamil self respect being hurt by the silly conduct of these two morons (MK & JJ) alternatively fooling around with statues when there are so many real time issues at stake. God save TN !

PS : MK is already looking for apt spaces in the Marina to erect the statues of Shivaji Ganesan and his other favorites.
PPS : MK is the only person who erected a statue for himself in 1968 on the occasion of the second world Tamil conference in Madras. So his obsession with statues is understandable.


  1. i dont get the kannagi story too - kahlanahlum purushan bah

  2. Never heard you sound so angry...I hate the story too. There are better things to do.. better role models..Why pick Kannagi..political stunt..

  3. Anonymous6:27 PM

    of course I agree, but being a foreigner I found it interesting to read about Ilango Adigal and Silappathikaram. (even if the story is Silly)
    Do you mean AD 2?

  4. *visit...thats 'kalanalum kanavan'

    *priyums...yup..it really pisses me off to see these nitwits

    *granny...actually Silapathikaram is a valuable literature in terms of the historic record of Tamils from the 2nd cent AD

    *vidya...thamiz drogi?? lol :)

  5. I wrote my post and came here only to discover that you had written the exact same thing a couple of days befre I did. Moral - Should come here more often.:-)

  6. Just reminds me of Ramesh Mahadevan's madurai piece : http://mahadevanramesh.com/Articles/madurai.html

  7. *Deepa...and I thought u had written in support of this post ;)

    *tilo...I too remember reading that piece

  8. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Probably came up with the story to keep wife's from kicking out cheating husbands. I too, have started to dislike the story. Once upon a time, it was a great joke, but now it's being carried too far. Tamil Pride? It would take a man like MK to say that Kannagi is Tamizhar's pride, considering he has had about 3(?) of them in his life. Truly disturbing the way they are taking Tamil Nadu societies ethical/moral sensibilities.


  9. if they keep a tree for every statue, naadu pachai pasaalunu irukkum :)ithay yaar MK / JJ idam solvathu?

  10. We have a standard comment in the office. Sometimes you are the statue. sometimes you are the pigeon ! I guess more statues are needed to accomodate all the pigeons

  11. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Well,... I sympathize with Kannagi alot. There are still alot of Kannagi's around, only they don't get to challenge Kings or burn down cities. We are all forced to be Kannagis. The stigma surrounding a separated or divorced woman is still so strong, many women are compelled into Kannaginess. Kannagi must have got angry and frustated that her long wait was useless.

  12. Anonymous6:09 AM

    some thoughts and views ---------

    Kannagi's anklet was filled of diamonds and queen anklet was of pearls and in look were similar .
    why the in story why ankets were compared .
    compare shows in , diamonds and pearls , the kannagi would had been the very elder to the queen .
    some mishappenings would had been taken in very past and the stories would had been going on birth by birth..

    realy how many kannagi stories would had been created , how many girls would had made kannagi ,
    how many boys and small, gods , devatas would had been made to run the story -would had made culprits and victims)

    was the kannagi story was pre planned the indran court scene from the tamil movie agaytiar .( because of this writing how many lifes would be spoiled )
    as agaytiar curses to jai indra /


    What was cause behind every happening , why kovalan only became culprit or victim ,like kovalan and kanagi , how many lifes are spoiled are being spoiled from the very ancient times ( no one is blamed , blamed is the system of karmas ). what would had been the cause behind kannagi and kovalan story as if shown in the agaytiar movie agaytiar curses jaindran , and urvashi to born in the city of poompuhar .were jai indran with urvashi affairs wrong . who was jai indran , and who was urvashi .

    person the indra was accused by the great gods , the link given below

    http://www.speakingtree.in/public/spiritual-blogs/ seekers/faith-and-rituals/

    was jaiindra , his real son . in agaytiar movie agaytiar says to jai indra , jaiindra you born to indra and you have not understand me .

    in dasavataram old movie,durvasa rishi curses to indra story might had link ,
    poompuhar 's story and history is match able to the story shown in agaythyiar movie -- as agaythiar curses --
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh4_NTH_qW0&featur e=related

    crores and crores of peoples are being killed ,destryoed in such a way no one can find out , and given different shapes and made to bad brains and minds ,
    genetical deshaped and disorded to lusty and bad brains and bad minds .
    are made from single soul to multy humans souls to suffer and painful
    creatures to never become humans and buried alive under earth and even
    killed into stomaches and made to toilets and throughn into hells like

    Kannagi story was repeated again in the ambala under earth , this time also great cruilities happend on kannagi ,

    if i am not wrong , kannagi , (tamil) is the daughter or sister of great and very ancient god can be said southern god . .

    why the cruilities and mishappenings were and are happening again and again , what is the wrong with peoples and peoples went of wrong wisdom and misbehavings and bad acts ..
    and peoples are beaten very badly and broken and even buried alive by the great gods and goddesses and great humans gods like murgan bhiraspaty ,bharama ,
    dakshina moorty , narayanan , and many power full and great gods ..