Jun 20, 2006

Swedish Mission Hospital Campus...03

This is the youngest and the only surviving building in the campus. Built in the 1940s , the villa is a mixture of european style and Indian vernacular techniques. Huge double brick walls , Lime mortar, high ceilings and other simple techniques has kept the building cool for its Swedish inmates.

..the terrace sitout..
Miss.Birgitta shows around her house... She is the last surviving Swedish missionary who was born in (kodaikanal)India to a Swedish missionary couple serving in Asia. She is in the process of winding up and going back to Sweden after a lifetime of devoted service in India.
the simple foyer...
large shaded verandahs act as a buffer to keep away the summer heat...

The living and dinning areas..
.a treasury of antique furniture

her private room...

Gable End..well ventilated with huge windows
Miss Bahirathi -the legendary first Indian principal of the Nursing college  with Miss Birgitta.

My wife, who had fond childhood memories of the campus, enjoys the sunny balcony with Miss Birgitta.


  1. Nice villa, the 5&6 photos are looking good.

  2. Very nice villa snaps..I actually downloaded two of those..coz I liked them a lot. Romba peacefulla irukku..

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  4. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Thx for the awesome posting Ashok. Keep it up :)
    Amal Raj.

  5. Eva Hakansson11:15 PM

    I enjoy this very much. Thank you for posting. I am one of the very last Swedish collegues of Birgitta in CSM. I am coming to Tirr in this December. Do you have any news about the new hospital built on the grounds of the old?

    1. Hi Eva,

      Hi..I was born and grown up in the hospital quatres.because my grandfather, father, auntie were working in that hospital.. Now the admin and church council damaged the hospital building.
      But the hospital ex employees wants to run the hospital and serve the people..but no one taking any steps.. my town people's really fed up and missing the good treatments...