Dec 21, 2005

Kabul City Center

Today, our generator was down.So I decided to go to the Kabul City Center in shar-e-nau (new city).Its one of the first posh malls in the capital and a costly one too.It was good to see a modern interior in kabul for a change.

The cost of goods , the crowd of punky youngsters and the general ambience reminded me of the Spencers.In my chennai days, i have done a lot of window shopping in Spencer Plaza just to escape form the sun and enjoy the cool AC inside. I found people doing exactly that here....but the reason was to escape from the cold outside .

I got exited and instinctively entered a music instruments shop. The price of acoustic guitars made me dizzy...500$ ! When I saw a Drum kit I could'nt resist the temptation...When I started playing, it attracted a crowd of smiling Afghans.
One young Afghan held my hand and said "You Indians, u are so good in music, We love u !" and made me blush! Some more came to shake my hands :)
I next ventured into an electronics shop and bought a digital camera that i was dreaming to buy all my life...(all these pics were taken from it)..Its a Sony 7.2 mega pixel, model DSC P200 and I already love it!


  1. Hi ashok...thanks for dropping by...where did u study in Madurai? And Afghanistan-wow! Am on hols...will go through ur blog in detail and comment later...cheers!

  2. hi GT,
    I studied in S.D.A (central)...What about u?