Dec 14, 2005

The Pudhu Mandabam

Pudhu Mandapam taken by a photographer of the Archaeological Survey of India around 1899-1900.

West front 1850s
Photograph of the entrance of the Mandapam taken by Nicholas & Company c.1882

Interior from the east entrance 1850s
close-up of sculptures , the Pudhu mandapam 1880s

Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery'.

The Pudhu Mandapam is opposite to the East Gate of the Minakshi temple, Madurai. Built by Tirumalai Nayakar in 1635 as a choultry or reception hall for pilgrims, it is a long hall with piers carved with magnificent yalis (mythical animals) and portrait sculptures of the Nayaka rulers and their ministers. The projecting brackets supporting the ceiling are carved in the form of seated lions.The figures in the centre seem to be paying 'divine honours' to the carved images of Tirumala Nayaka and three of his wives. Vasanthosavam - the Spring festival-was celebrated in this mandapam in Vaikasi (April/May).Hence its also called Vasantha mandapam.
Now, Its one of the poorly maintained Architectural landmarks of Madurai.It houses fancy shops selling cheap ornaments at fancy prices to foreign tourists, book shops quite popular with Madurites and lots of tailors working with colorful cloths ...
(Photos : British Library)

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