Dec 15, 2005


It was disturbing to see the pics (on the net ) of destruction caused by the Nov-Dec cyclonic rains and flood in Tamil Nadu .However, this is one pic from Madurai really exited me. A rare sight indeed!River Vaigai in full fury!
The river that is the very reason for the evolution of Madurai comes alive. Suddenly the city is reminded that there runs a river right across them. When ever it happens , Maduraites are thrilled ......Stuff like “river is rising”, “ keelpalam is submerged today”, “2 cows washed away” , “some boys stranded in the mandapam” “helicopters coming for rescue” should have been the talk of the town for days..!
Maduraites are so much used to the dry river bed that a flood like this turns out to be a huge crowd puller…a lifetime event! Iam no exception.When it happened some years ago, I drove a little to the outskirts of the city, against the backdrop of coconut grooves, to really savor the beauty of this river. To see the trickling timid dirty river in which I had fished as a kid, turn wild and beautiful at the same time.. wow!A few minutes of staring at the flooding river had a hypnotizing effect on me...hmmm! I missed it this time!

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